About Us

For over 40 years, Avcon has provided aircraft owners and operators with products and services designed to satisfy special mission requirements, or enhance the utility of business jets and turboprops. Our Technical Services include Project Management, DER Engineering Support, PMA Parts Manufacturing, Airframe Modifications, Maintenance and Repairs, DER Flight Testing and STC Coordination. Avcon's 260 STC’d modifications are all Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) products and installation prices for approved modifications are flat-rated. Avcon is AS-9100 and ISO-9001 certified. Modifications designed, manufactured and installed by Avcon can be divided into three major categories, including:


Avcon offers a variety of Vertical & Oblique Mapping Camera, FLIR, radar and Scanner Installations for Challenger, Learjet, King Air, Citation, Conquest II and C-421 model aircraft. These modifications are utilized in many countries for aerial mapping, ISR, deforestation, border protection, coastal patrol, oil spill detection, and other related activities.

Wing & Fuselage External Mounting Provisions are available for Target Towing, carriage of sensor pods and other Special Mission Applications.

Atmospheric Weather Measuring, Monitoring and Cloud Seeding installations are used by numerous agencies around the globe to track storms, control the growth or enhance the formation of rain producing clouds, and other related activities.

A wide array of FAA approved, custom designed Equipment Racks, Mission Consoles, External Pods, SATCOM and Antenna Arrays for Special Mission aircraft.


Avcon offers a large combination Cargo/Airstair Door for the King Air 200 & 300 model aircraft. This is the same door installed by the factory on new aircraft, and is installed by Avcon on customer owned aircraft by STC.

The Avcon Baggage Door is available for all King Air models. It is approximately 13” wide and is mounted immediately aft of the airstair door. When installed, the Baggage Door increases the total door opening by almost 50%, making it ideal for loading stretchers and package freight.

Avcon offers a complete freighter conversion on Falcon 20’s. This mod adds a large Cargo Door, Relocated Emergency Controls, Gill Liner and Diamond Gill Floor, 9G Cargo Net, Cockpit Closeout, Dual Emergency Escape Windows in the cockpit and smoke detection equipment. The mod is available for the original Fan Jet Falcons and for aircraft equipped with the Garrett –5 Engine Conversion.

20 & 40 cubic foot belly-mounted Baggage Pods are also available for the King Air 100 and 200 series aircraft.


Avcon Fins improve stability and safety for the Lear 35/36 model aircraft, as well as the Lear 25D. The Fins eliminate divergent dutch roll, thereby eliminating the need for operable yaw dampers as a dispatch item.

The Range Extension (R/X) Modification adds 38” Tip Tank Extensions with the Avcon Fin Mod, increasing total fuel by 750 pounds. The increased range allows Avcon R/X Learjets to compete with newer aircraft costing millions of dollars more.

An optional Weight Increase Package is available with the Lear 35/36 Fins and R/X Mod, increasing MTOW to 19,600#, MLW to 16,000# and MZW&TFW to 14,500#. The weight increase package increases mission flexibility and is very popular with operators towing targets, flying freight and conducting international air ambulance missions.

FAA approved Reduced Vertical Separation Minimums (RVSM) STC for Learjet 20 & 30 series aircraft.

FAA approved dual Garmin GTN 750s in Lear 20 & 30 series aircraft.

FAA approved 4” Sandel HIS/ADI displays for pilot and copilot. Available for both 20 & 30 series Learjets.


Avcon is an FAA and EASA approved Repair Station for Challenger, Learjet, Cessna and King Air products. B92R922N.

Avcon specializes in Learjet 12 year/12,000 hour inspections and wing de-mates.

Major structural repairs are available for most turbine powered aircraft.

Avcon is an authorized Raisbeck dealer, and offers sales and installations for both King Air and Learjet Raisbeck products.

Avcon is a fully owned subsidiary of Butler National Corporation (BNC), headquartered in Olathe, Kansas. Butler National also owns Kings Avionics, a full-service avionics installation and repair facility located at the New Century Airport near Olathe. Installation of required avionics and other electrical integration can be completed by Avcon or coordinated with Kings Avionics as required to facilitate installations, approvals and timely delivery of the completed aircraft to the customer.