Avcon Receives Lear 20-series Noise Suppressor STC

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On the opening day of NBAA 2013, Avcon Industries, Inc. along with it’s parent company Butler National Corporation had the great pleasure of announcing that it had been awarded a supplemental type certificate (STC) for the Learjet 20-series aircraft. The STC will allow the majority of the Learjet 20 series aircraft to meet the upcoming Stage 3 noise requirement. With such a great reception and interest from so many attendees at the NBAA conference, everyone at Avcon Industries is excited with the thought of keeping so many aircraft flying in the future.


The Avcon Noise Suppressor kit, once installed, controls the jet flow for optimum noise reduction using methods resulting from the latest breakthroughs in noise suppression technology.



Downtime for complete installation: 3 to 7 days.



For more information regarding the Avcon Noise Suppressor hush kit, or to schedule your installation,  give Avcon a call at (316) 284-2844


Dual Garmin GTN 750 STC

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Avcon Industries, Inc. announces the Dual Garmin GTN 750 STC installation in the Lear 20/30 series aircraft. Marking a significant upgrade to the Lear series, the GTN 750 provides a major functionality upgrade at a very cost-effective price. The GTN 750 is a fully integrated GPS/NavCom/MFD solution with WAAS GPS capability. The six-inch tall system’s touchscreen controls and large display give the pilot access to high-resolution terrain mapping, graphical flight planning, geo-referenced charting, traffic display and multiple weather options. The STC includes GPS roll-steering for turn-anticipation and waypoint sequencing interfaced to the aircraft’s autopilot. Additional options include GPWS, Jepp charts on the units, TCAS, Garmin’s new radar and ADS-B. For more information, or to schedule your install, give Avcon a call today….316-284-2842

Avcon Noise Suppressor

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OLATHE, KANSAS, June 25, 2013, – Butler National Corporation (OTCQB: BUKS), a leader in the growing global market for structural modification, maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) and a recognized provider of management services in diverse business groups and the parent of Avcon Industries, Inc., announces it has applied for a supplemental type certificate for a stage 3 noise suppression device for the Learjet 20 series airplanes.

The FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 contains provisions that ban operation of a number of aircraft models due to noise on December 31, 2015.  The Learjet 20 series airplanes are included aircraft.  The engine-mounted Avcon Stage 3 Noise Suppressor incorporated with other unique features will allow the Learjet 20 series airplanes to comply with the government-mandated Stage 3 noise restrictions that go into effect in December 2015.  There were over 700 Learjet 20 series airplanes manufacturedwith approximately 350 still in service.  Butler National plans to receive the Avcon Silencer STC for the CJ610-4, CJ610-6, and CJ610-8A engines by the fall of this year.


“The Learjet 20 series airplanes were one of the first business jets.  The mandate to comply with stage three noise restrictions will effectively ground the entire fleet of Learjet 20 series airplanes if a reasonable noise solution is not timely developed.  We believe we are there, both with cost, installation and operation.  We are dedicated to keeping these classic airplanes flying and plan to begin delivering Avcon Silencers  in early fall.  Avcon was the one to step up and successfully develop a RVSM solution for these aircraft. We now offer a WAAS Approach GARMIN avionics upgrade.  We are committed to the long-term support of these Learjet 20 Series ‘Workhorse Aircraft’.  The task has not been easy, but we on track with the solution.  Our goal is a cost-effective alternative to these owners who would like to continue to fly their Lear 20 series airplanes,” commented Clark Stewart, President and CEO of Butler National Corporation.