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Avcon Engineer using welding equipment in the on-site metalworking/manufacturing facility.

Avcon Industries, Inc.

Avcon completes high-quality aircraft modifications for customers ranging from general aircraft owners and operators to international government agencies, with a reputation backed by over 40 years of successful operation.

Our Modifications

Special Mission

With a primary focus on Special Mission Modifications, Avcon is routinely trusted by customers including military forces and government contractors in the US and around the globe. We are a go-to installer of equipment for:

General and Business Aviation

We also install a number of modifications relevant to a wider variety of aircraft owners and operators, including general and business aviation customers. These installations include:

What We Do

With in-house design engineering and FAA DER teams, on-site manufacturing capabilities, and expert installation technicians, Avcon is a one-stop-shop for virtually any special mission project or custom installation.

The Avcon team discusses business outside of the main hangar / main office in Newton, Kansas.

Facility – Newton, Kansas

Modifications are installed on-site at the facility in Newton, Kansas (KEWK). The map shown gives an overview of our facility (structures emphasized with color).

Complete with four hangars, the Avcon facility has full access to the airport’s runways and taxiway, and refueling is available through a third-party vendor.

Avcon Facility - KEWK Hangar (Inspection) Hangar (Overflow) Hangar (Main) Office (Main) Office (Engineering / Design) Manufacturing Building Main Office Main Hangar Manufacturing Overflow Hangar Engineering and Design Inspection Hangar

Capabilities & Certifications

Avcon Industries takes pride in delivering premium-quality service to customers around the globe. We moved into the Newton, Kansas facility to take advantage of the ample office and hangar space — totaling at approximately 56,360 ft2, the complex includes climate-controlled storage space, inspection space, shipping and receiving areas, a painting booth, and actuator, machine, and avionics shops.

Avcon employee using in-house Schimmelman wire-working equipment. Aircraft modifications are installed in the main hangar. Our on-site manufacturing facility houses multiple CNC machines and ample metalworking equipment.
Avcon capabilities include modification design, manufacturing, and installation.

We house the necessary equipment, tools, and materials to perform aircraft modifications, repairs, maintenance, and alterations. Equipment at the Avcon facility includes ladders, mobile-steps, scissor lifts, and custom-made steps/cradles for aircraft parts of specific makes/models. Our engineers have access to both special and common tools including calibrated equipment rivet guns and pullers, clecos, and metal-working tools. We keep raw materials including fabrics, plastics, metals, and alloys. All materials, parts, and supplies are properly stored, segregated, and protected, preventing contamination.

Our on-site capabilities include:

  • Custom Modification Design and Installation
  • Manufacturing with Vertical Mill and assorted tools / machinery
  • Multi-Axis CNC
  • Maintenance, inspections, and repairs
  • etc

Additionally, Avcon possesses a number of certifications from domestic and international authorities, including the FAA and EASA. Certifications include:

  • FAA Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA)
  • FAA Certified Repair Station
  • EASA Certified Repair Station
  • AS-9100 Approval
  • ISO-9001 Approval
  • BAS Preferred Vendor
  • HBC Preferred Vendor

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