Avcon offers various ADS-B equipment configurations for legacy Learjets. The Avcon solutions integrate seamlessly with existing equipment, providing “ADS-B Out” compliance and options for “ADS-B In” capabilities.

Avcon and its affiliate, Butler Avionics, specialize in Learjet ADS-B solutions, including FAA STC-approved configurations:

  • STC ST02230SE (Aircraft not having TCAS II)

  • STC ST02455SE (Aircraft with TCAS II)

Installations start at just $54,500*

*Pricing is dependent on factors including selected configuration and existing equipment.

More Than A Pairing STC.

Avcon Industries ADS-B solutions operate independent of existing equipment, comply with regulatory requirements, and offer optional features to display “ADS-B In” information on portable electronics such as the iPad.

Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast for Learjets

Avcon offers two separate STCs, ST02230SE and ST02455SE, for “ADS-B Out” compliance.


The table below shows STC applicability. ST02455SE applies to aircraft equipped with TCAS II (change 7.0 or later). ST02230SE applies to aircraft not having TCAS II installed.

Learjet Model
24 A25 A31 A35 A36 A
24 B25 B
24 B-A25 C
24 C25 D
24 D25 F
24 E
24 F
24 F-A
ST02230SEST02455SEEither STC

ST02230SE incorporates the Garmin GTN Navigator 625 / 725 / 650 / 750 as the GPS position source and the GTX 335R or GTX 345R transponder. The GTX 345R provides optional “ADS-B In” information.

ST02455SE seamlessly integrates the GDL 88 WAAS / GPS Position Source and the GTX 3000 transponder with your existing TCAS-II System and transponder controller for “ADS-B Out” compliance. The GDL 88 offers optional “ADS-B In” information to the flight deck using the Flight Stream 210 and a portable electronic device such as the iPad.

Downtime for installation is typically 7-10 days, but will vary based on existing aircraft equipment and aircraft condition. Please inquire for pricing details and a downtime estimate.

ST02230SE – Non-TCAS II Equipped Aircraft

No Navigation
  • Garmin GTN 625

  • 2x Garmin GTX 335R Transponders

Designed for maximum cost-effectiveness, this Avcon configuration satisfies the ADS-B mandate. The installation includes a 4.9” touchscreen display (GTN 625) and two Mode-S transponders (GTX 335R) for ADS-B compliance. The GTN does not produce any output to the autopilot or any instrument in this configuration.

GPS Autopilot Navigation
  • Garmin GTN 625 or 725

  • 2x Garmin GTX Transponders

This Avcon “ADS-B Out” Compliance configuration uses one GTX 335R and one GTX 345R transponder to provide “ADS-B In” functionality along with optional autopilot-coupled functionality of the GTN Navigator.

COM / NAV / GPS Roll Steering
  • 2x Garmin GTN 750

  • 2x Garmin GTX 345R

The GTN 650 / 750 pairing with the GTX 335R / 345R transponders provides operators with a significant avionics upgrade as well as “ADS-B Out” compliance.

ST02455SE – TCAS II Equipped Aircraft

Garmin GTX 3000

The installation replaces existing transponders with the GTX-3000, a TCAS-II compatible Mode-S transponder. The GTX-3000 integrates with change 7.0 or later TCAS-II Systems and Controller / Radio Tuning Units.

Garmin GDL-88

The GDL-88 Sensor / Data Link supplies WAAS-GPS positional information to the GTX-3000 for “ADS-B Out” compliance. The GDL-88 interfaces to the Flight Stream 210 for “ADS-B In” functionality to portable electronic devices.

Garmin Flight Stream 210 (Optional)

When installed, the Flight Stream 210 transmits (via BlueTooth) “ADS-B In” information from the GDL-88 to compatible portable electronic devices (including the iPad).

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