Increased Stability

Avcon Fins

  • Eliminate the FAA dispatch requirement for operable yaw dampers

  • Enhanced handling characteristics

  • Enhanced appearance, matching strakes on modern Learjets

Avcon Fins interact with the vertical stabilizer to create positive stability in all three axes and reduce drag by
smoothing airflow around the tail cone area. The increased dispatch reliability and the enhanced stability (both in
the landing phase and at high altitude) give the aircraft a solid and predictable handling profile.

“The strakes achieve not only better stability or shall I say 100% improved stability on approach, but they also eliminate in event of failure [yaw dampers,] which are a No Go item on the LearJet 35 / 36.”

-CRG Hellinger, African Pilot Magazine

At cruise airspeeds, Avcon Fins are aligned to provide aerodynamic stability when the aircraft attempts to stray from the intended line of flight (e.g. during turbulence). This “self-correcting” feature controls yaw and helps keep the aircraft on the step for optimal range performance. During landing and other low-speed maneuvers, Avcon Fins eliminate divergent dutch roll tendencies by providing additional lift and directional stability. The Avcon Fins eliminate the dispatch requirement for yaw dampers in Learjet 35 and 36 airplanes.

Enhanced Capabilities for Learjet Model 35|35A|36|36A Airplanes

The Avcon R/X Mod may be added with the Avcon Fins installation to increase the maximum flight range and weight of certain 30-series Learjets, enhancing the operational capabilities of the aircraft both as a business jet and for special mission purposes.

  • Additional Fuel

  • Increased Gross Weight

  • Enhanced Aerodynamics

  • Extended Maximum Range

The Avcon R/X Mod is available for Learjet models 35, 35A, 36, and 36A. The R/X modification is compatible with the ZR-LITE Performance System from Raisbeck Engineering.

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