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Performance Modifications

Avcon Performance modifications enhance the fuel efficiency, range, and aerodynamics of your aircraft. Performance modifications include extended tip-tanks, aerodynamic fins, hush-kits, and more.

Render of Avcon-R/X Mod equipped Learjet mid-flight.  The aircraft demonstrates extended tip-tanks and tailcone-mounted Avcon fins.

Avcon R/X Mod

The Avcon R/X Mod is a configurable package with aerodynamic fins and options for tip-tank extensions and maximum weight increases.

A popular option for legacy Learjet owners and operators, the enhancements provide the opportunity to increase revenue while enhancing the handling, range capability, and weight capacity of the aircraft.

Hushkits for Learjets

Avcon continues to offer hushkits for Learjets that have not yet been modified to meet U.S. federal noise regulations. Consisting of a multi-lobed configuration nozzle and fairing, the hush kit passively controls the jet flow for an optimum noise reduction.

Avcon Hushkit Rendering
Avcon continues to supply hushkits for legacy ‘classic’ Learjet aircraft – allowing full compliance with modern noise regulations.

The Avcon noise suppressor, as approved in FAA STC No. ST01733WI, permits Learjet 20 series aircraft to comply with FAA noise regulations that grounded all non stage-3 noise compliant business jets in 2015. The Avcon Noise Suppressor only requires 3-7 days for complete installation, and will keep your Learjet flying for years to come.


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  • Learjet 24 and 24A/B/D/E/F
  • Learjet 25 and 25B/C/D/F

Custom Solutions

Avcon is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of a diverse customer base. Our team can design, fabricate, and install brand new modifications that solve your problems.

Whether you need something entirely new, or you want to make an existing modification work for your aircraft, we have you covered.

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