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Passenger and Freighter
Cargo Modifications

Transform ordinary aircraft into valuable business assets.

Cargo modifications from Avcon Industries address diverse needs, ranging from simple luggage-space increases (with things like cargo pods) to complete aircraft overhauls that allow hauling large amounts of palletized freight.

Our modifications can be used to:

  • Create a multi-function aircraft capable of both passenger and freighter transportation
  • Make room for specialized equipment or extra luggage, without affecting passenger experience
  • Prepare an aircraft for an air-ambulance role
  • Convert passenger aircraft into dedicated freighter configurations
  • Extend door width or install a top-hinged cargo door
Avcon Baggage Door Extension for King Air. Avcon 40-cubic-foot Cargo Pod for King Air. Example of the fully opened King Air Cargo Door.

King Air Cargo Modifications

Properly configured, the Beechcraft King Air makes for a powerful and fuel-efficient cargo/freighter/air-ambulance platform. Popular cargo modifications for the King Air include:


Cargo Pods

These modifications enhance the utility of the aircraft, and can be used without impacting the passenger experience.

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Learjets in Hangar Avcon installs extended cargo doors (36
Learjet Cargo Space Example - Not to Scale

Learjet Cargo Modifications

Avcon offers several cargo modifications for Learjets, including a 36″ cabin door, tip-tank baggage compartments, maximum weight increases, cargo restraint systems and liners, and tail-cone and fuselage cargo compartments (300 / 500lbs capacity, respectively).

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Falcon Aircraft before cargo modification installations. Falcon 20 Cargo Hold
Falcon 20 Side Profile

Falcon 20 Freighter Conversions

Using three STCs, Avcon can convert the Falcon 20 into a specialized platform for cargo and freight operations.

  • SA1473SW — increases the Cargo Door opening to 54″ x 74.5″ (137.2 x 189.2cm).
  • SA1467SW — modifies the interior with a flat floor, gill liner, window plugs, cargo barrier net, and smoke detection equipment.
  • SA1468SW — adds openable co-pilot escape windows (emergency exit).

All three STCs must be installed for the complete freighter conversion.

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