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More than 300 STCs have been developed or enhanced by Avcon. Avcon Industries is a global “go-to” for custom aircraft modification design and installation. Avcon provides turn key aircraft modifications.

Avcon Telephone: +1 (316) 284-2842

Marcus (President of Avcon) discusses papers with Avcon employees.
The Avcon Multi-Mission Pod can be configured and reconfigured, with 40 cubic feet of space for sensors and equipment. Isometric view of a modular operator console offered by Avcon. The Avcon Multi-Mission Pod can be configured with a front-facing blister providing more room for large-format equipment such as synthetic aperture radar

Design and Engineering

  • Avionics
  • Systems Integration
  • Flight Test
  • Troubleshooting
Avcon employees install a SAR expansion to the Avcon Multi-Mission pod. Avcon employee works on a Learjet tail-cone modification/repair.

Installations and Repairs

Avcon is a Certified Repair Station with FAA, EASA, and Mexican DGAC approvals. Avcon also has Parts Manufacturing Authority (PMA).

Our certifications and staff credentials include:

  • FAA Certified Repair Station No. B92R22N
  • EASA Certified Repair Station No. EASA.145.5960
  • Mexican Certified Repair Station No. CO-116/15
  • Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA)
  • FAA Designated Engineer Representative (DER)
Avcon employee prepares a King Air for fitment of Avcon Multi-Mission Pod with a forward-facing blister.
Avcon employee preparing the aircraft fuselage for a structural modification.
Prototype Blister Pod extension for the Avcon Multi-Mission Pod. Available now.
Custom parts are designed, installed and flight-tested for FAA approvals at the Avcon Newton, Kansas facility.

Avcon repair approvals include the following airplanes:

  1. Beechcraft King Air Airplanes
  2. Bombardier Learjet 23, 24, 25, 31, 31A, 35, 35A, 36, 36A, 55 and 60 series
  3. Cessna Citation 550 and 560
  4. Cessna Conquest
  5. Limited Instruments
  6. Limited Accessories
  7. Limited Radio

For Avcon modifications and maintenance, call +1 (316) 284-2842.

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Avcon Industries

Custom Aircraft Modifications

For over 40 years, Avcon Industries has designed complex special-mission and ISR aircraft modifications. Avcon provisions aircraft with custom pods, camera ports, radomes, equipment racks, mission consoles, underwing stores, and more. Avcon modifications support surveillance, patrol, target-towing, search and rescue, and aerial survey missions. Avcon provides Turn-Key Product Design, Manufacture, Installation, Testing and FAA Certification Support.

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