Avcon R/X Mod

Increased Gross Weight & Range | Learjet 35, 35A, 36, 36A

Avcon R/X Mod Map

* 2800 Nautical Miles under normal conditions at cruising speeds and altitudes.

Avcon R/X Mod Map
With Avcon R/X*Standard Lear 36**
Ramp Weight19,805 lbs18,500 lbs
Takeoff Weight19,600 lbs18,300 lbs
Landing Weight16,000 lbs15,300 lbs
Zero Wing & Tip Fuel Weight14,500 lbs13,500 lbs

* Estimates for Learjet 36 / 36A with Avcon R/X Weight Increase Package.

** Example figures only. Details for your Learjet may vary due to configuration and equipment, including landing gear. Please see your Learjet Airplane Flight Manual and Pilot Training Manual when determining maximum weight figures.

Increased Range

Tip Tank Extensions

The Avcon R/X mod adds room for approximately 750 lbs of additional usable fuel in the aircraft tip-tanks, providing up to 40 minutes of additional flight time at normal cruise speeds and altitudes.

Fuel and Flight Time Improvements
  • Fuel Capacity:

    + 750 lbs (340.2 kg)

  • Flight Time:

    + 40 minutes*

IFR Range Estimates with Full Fuel:**
  • Lear 35:

    > 2,100 Nautical Miles

  • Lear 36:

    > 2,800 Nautical Miles

* Under normal conditions at cruising speeds and altitudes.

** Based on conservative extrapolation of data published in B / CA Annual Planning and Purchasing. True range may vary based on jet configuration and environmental factors such as weather and headwinds.

Increased Payload

Weight Increase Package

With the aerodynamic enhancements provided by Avcon Fins, maximum weight can be increased (with landing gear install pursuant to AAK 80-3 or equivalent).

The FAA-approved weight increases result in a net increase in useful load of almost 1,200 lbs.

Max Weights with Avcon Fins & Weight Increase Package:*
  • Ramp Weight:

    19,805 lbs (8981 Kg)

  • Takeoff Weight:

    19,600 lbs (8890 Kg)

  • Landing Weight:

    16,000 lbs (7257 Kg)

  • Zero Wing & Tip Fuel Weight:

    14,500 lbs (6577 Kg)

  • Δ Useful Load:

    + 1,200 lbs (544.3 Kg)

* Estimates for Learjet 36 / 36A with Avcon R/X Weight Increase Package.

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