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Avcon is a one-stop-shop for aerial survey and mapping solutions, designing and installing provisions for customer-specified sensors and equipment. Our modifications are suitable for mapping, archaeology, mining, geophysics, reconnaissance, wildlife/deforestation monitoring, and more.

Challenger CL-604 modified by Avcon Industries and Bombardier. Camera Ports / Fairings with sliding doors (closed). Aft-looking view of a Leica ADS-80 installtion in a King Air 350.

Provisions for Aerial Survey and Photography

Avcon Aerial Survey provisions include structural provisions for cameras, Lidars, and Hyperspectral modifications, as well as large-format sensors such as magnetometers.

Highly configurable and compatible with most equipment, Avcon Aerial Survey Modifications convert aircraft into the purpose-built tools our clients need.

Camera, Lidar, and Hyperspectral Modifications

Camera, Lidar, and Hyperspectral modifications add camera ports and fairings at different locations around the fuselage. Configurable options include lens coatings, oversize ports (for large sensors or gyros), alternate locations (for some aircraft and port sizes), and drift sights.

Compatible Equipment

Supported equipment includes film and digital cameras, EO/IR sensors, LIDARs, magnetometers, and more. Avcon provisions are also compatible with gyro mounts such as the Leica PAV30, T-AS Mount, and GSM 4000; oversized ports are available to fit large gyros.

Furnished interior of a King Air C90 outfitted for Aerial Survey missions. Mission Console of King Air C90 outfitted for Aerial Survey missions.
Example of a completed Aerial Survey Modification in a King Air C90, with an interior operator console.

Optical Glass & Lens Coatings

Avcon uses BK-7 Optical Glass or Fused Silica for camera, LIDAR, and Hyperspectral modifications. Lenses can be ordered coated or uncoated, to meet the needs of the customer or OEM requirements.

Sensor Protection

To protect the glass and equipment during takeoff and landing, modifications include sliding doors to cover the camera port, and defog systems to prevent sensor obstruction.

Example of Sliding Door operation on a modified King Air.
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Cabin Pressurization

Avcon camera modifications allow the aircraft to maintain full pressurization at altitude. Most Avcon aircraft modifications can be reverted to standard interior configurations with structural plugs / accessory kits (available for order).

Optical glass can be removed for unpressurized operations. For technical details on open-air operation of Avcon camera modifications, please contact us.

Magnetometer Provisions

Avcon offers provisions for magnetometers on the aft fuselage of select King Air models. Magnetometers are used to detect variations in magnetic fields – useful for oil and mineral detection.

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