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Intelligence, streamlined.

ISR solutions from Avcon Industries work with most LOS Datalink and SATCOM systems to allow transfer of real-time video, pictures, voice, and other data between headquarters, land- and sea-surface units, and aircraft.


Avcon ISR Solutions

Avcon Industries creates custom airframe modifications to accommodate cameras, sensors, radars, antennas, operator consoles, and other mission-critical equipment.

Avcon Industries is a one-stop ISR (Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance) Completion Facility. Along with aircraft structural modifications, Avcon offers electronics integration services, from design engineering, both power and signal generation, to custom display operations. Avcon works with sensor vendors worldwide to provide cost-effective and timely aircraft electronics integration solutions.

Challenger CL-604 modified by Avcon Industries and Bombardier.
Bombardier Challenger CL-604 shown with Avcon an dual-camera modification and underbelly radome.

Our mods convert factory-standard aircraft into purpose-built platforms for ISR. The Avcon team has extensive experience creating packages of complementary sensors that work together to accomplish a specific task – for example, designing a custom pod to house Synthetic Aperture Radar, EO/IR, and IR/UV Scanning equipment.

Avcon integration services span from basic camera installations to complex avionics, such as down-link audio/video and communications integrations. Avionics installations include both military and commercial equipment.

Avcon Industries develops and installs FAA/EASA approved Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) solutions for:

  • Maritime Surveillance
  • Search and Rescue
  • Economic Expansion Zone / Exclusive Economic Zone Protection
  • Police and Homeland Security Missions
  • Fire Detection and Monitoring
  • Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)
  • Target Acquisition, Identification, and Tracking
  • etc

Regardless of budget, modifications that re-purpose standard aircraft continue to be the most logical choice. Budget-friendly and highly effective, modded aircraft require little to no additional training for certified and type-rated pilots, limit service costs to that of the original aircraft, and ultimately house the same surveillance equipment as the proprietary aircraft that result from government-funded defense/ISR programs.

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Avcon ISR modifications house vital intelligence-gathering equipment that simplifies workflow and assists with complex decision making. To learn more or plan a modification, call us today at +1 (316) 284-2842.