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Comprehensive Maritime Surveillance Solutions

Avcon installs equipment and sensor provisions for Maritime Surveillance and Maritime Patrol missions on aircraft from makes including Cessna, Beechcraft, and Bombardier.

Observe. Orient. Decide. Act.

Maintaining awareness and control in dynamic environments requires a constant cycle of observation and action. Avcon modifications for Maritime Surveillance and Patrol are designed to aid situational awareness in all conditions and for all maritime surveillance purposes, from oil spill detection to coastal patrol.

Avcon offers multiple surveillance pods and mission platforms (including interior operator consoles), each carrying customer-specified combinations of LIDAR/Hyperspectral sensors, camera equipment, Synthetic Aperture Radars (SAR), EO/IR, GMTI and IR/UV Scanning equipment.

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Avcon Multi-Mission Pod Cutaway View - shown mounted on the bottom of the BAM350 Eagle Eye Platform. Furnished King Air Interior with camera modifications and interior operator consoles.

Protecting State Sovereignty

Avcon Maritime Surveillance platforms are used by dozens of countries to maintain control within their borders and exclusive economic zones. Outfitted with powerful reconnaissance toolsets, aircraft with our modifications are utilized in border patrol, coastal surveillance (preventing unlawful immigration, stopping illegal fishing, guarding mineral rights, and so on), oil spill detection, and a variety of other missions.

Estonia – BAM 350 Eagle Eye

In 2018, Estonia outfitted a King Air with an Avcon ISR pod, in addition to interior equipment from a variety of other manufacturers and modification shops. The plane is operated by the Estonia Police & Border Guard, utilizing EO/IR, radar and other sensors to aid in law enforcement activities and border protection. The finished aircraft is known as the Bromma Air Maintenance (BAM) 350 Eagle Eye.

Maritime Surveillance Mods for Beechcraft King Air

Comprehensive Surveillance Options

The Beechcraft King Air acts as a lightweight, fuel-efficient platform for maritime surveillance equipment, including Lidar, EO/IR sensors, Synthetic Aperture Radars, drop-hatches, and more.

King Air 350 with Multi-Mission Pod flying over a body of water. King Air 300 showing an enlarged front-facing 'blister' extension for the Avcon Multi-Mission Pod. King Air 350 with Avcon Multi-Mission Pod - Exterior view (wide).

Avcon Multi-Mission Pods

Designed to fill multiple special-mission roles, The Avcon King Air Multi-Mission Pod is well-suited for maritime roles including coastal patrol, oil spill detection, and mapping.

Avcon Industries designed its Multi-Mission Modular POD to conveniently install to the fuselage belly of the airplane. The custom POD is ideal for general aerial mapping and photography. Avcon Multi-Mission POD configurations optimize ISR Missions with capability to carry custom combinations of LIDAR/Hyperspectral sensors, Camera equipment, EO/IR, GMTI and IR/UV Scanning equipment. The Avcon ISR POD also has Drop Hatch and sensor retract capabilities. With Avcon custom fabrication and engineering provisions, the Multi-Mission Pod can be designed for enhanced transmissivity using e-glass. The aircraft modification for this multi-mission pod can be completed in as little as 3 weeks.

Standard Pod

The 40-ft3 Multi-Mission Pod can be used with customized provisional structures to mount systems such as antennae arrays, radar, and FLIR sensors (including the Wescam MX series, FLIR Star Safire 350 HD, Raytheon Assault TSU QE, and so on).

The Avcon Multi-Mission Pod can be configured and reconfigured, with 40 cubic feet of space for sensors and equipment. The modular layout of the Avcon Pod usually dedicates space for a retractable EO/IR sensor, and utilizes a rail-attachment system to fit custom parts.

The Standard Pod is also compatible with the aft camera ports (STC SA429CE) and the baggage compartment port (SA2428CE).

SAR Blister

The front-facing surface of the Multi-Mission Pod can be altered to fit a wide blister, making room for larger Synthetic Aperture Radar equipment.

The Avcon Multi-Mission Pod can be configured with a front-facing

The blister pod includes fins to minimize aerodynamic factors introduced by its bulbous shape, and – like the standard pod – includes an interior rail-attachment system and space for a retractable camera or sensor.

C90GT Pod

Designed to fit the lighter C90GT aircraft, the C90GT pod provides space for sensors and equipment. Approved in STC No. SA1746CE, the pod includes structural mounting provisions for dual fixed-position sensors such as the Thales I-Master, Wescam MX Series (MX-15, MX15-D, MX-20), FLIR Star Safire HD, Raytheon Assault TSU QE, and others.

King Air C90 ISR Pod - 2x 15

Dual sensors offer enhanced surveillance flexibility with a wider field of view. Combined with well-trained crew and operator console(s) in the cabin, a pod-equipped King Air C90 becomes a formidable intelligence tool.

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Immensely popular around the world, Avcon King Air Multi-Mission Pods have been put to use by private organizations, government agencies, and militaries alike.

The Avcon Multi-Mission POD is currently STC approved for installation on the King Air. Other aircraft installations are planned. Contact us about the King Air Multi-Mission Pod by contacting

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