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Systems Integration from Avcon

Avcon Industries designs, integrates, obtains FAA approval, and installs various electronic and electro-mechanical systems to support cameras, sensors, radars, antennas, operator consoles, and other mission-critical equipment in airplanes.

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Avcon King Air Multi Mission Pod with systems integration for a retractable EO/IR sensor.

Systems Integration
for Intelligence, ISR, and Special Mission Aircraft

Avcon designs, integrates, and installs custom Special Mission modifications to meet the C4ISTAR, RSTA, and ISR (Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance) needs of organizations worldwide.

Avcon offers fuselage mounted surveillance pods and provisions for cameras and sensors through aircraft ports, interior operator consoles and equipment racks, custom wiring and electronics installations. The provisions for sensors include LIDAR/Hyperspectral sensors, camera equipment, Synthetic Aperture Radars (SAR), EO/IR, GMTI and IR/UV Scanning equipment. Communications systems allow high speed transfer of real time video, pictures, voice or other data to other aircraft and ground support.

Avcon Systems Integrations Include:

Photography & Mapping Cameras | Mapping | LIDAR | LOROP
Search & Rescue Provisions for Search and Rescue
Radar / Radomes Radar Systems, custom & E-Glass Radomes
Cargo Cargo Doors and Freighter Conversions
Power Alternators (Added Power) & Auto-Load-Shed Systems
FLIR & EO IR Infrared Systems
SAR / GMTI Weapon Guidance
Hardpoints External Underwing Stores
Antennae Array Systems Custom Antennae Arrays

Avcon Integration services range from basic camera installations to complex avionics, such as down-link audio/video and communications integrations. Avionics installations include both mil-spec and commercial equipment.

Airborne Intelligence & Communications

Avcon Industries integrates ISR equipment. Avcon modifications allow most LOS Datalink and SATCOM systems to transfer real-time video, pictures, voice, and other data. Avcon is experienced with COMINT, SIGINT, and IMINT, as well as Electronic Warfare / Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) electronics integrations.

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Interior Missionization Solutions

Operator Consoles and Equipment Racks

Avcon installs custom FAA approved Equipment Racks, Mission Consoles, External Pods, SATCOM and Antenna Arrays for Special Mission aircraft.

Avcon designs and installs custom operator consoles for special mission equipment. Operator consoles are fully integrated into the aircraft’s avionics using custom plumbing, wiring, and power supplies.

Interior Operator Console for FLIR installation. Avcon Interior Operator Console for Leica Camera installation in King Air.
Avcon installations for GMTI and Aerial Mapping equipment.
Furnished King Air Interior with camera modifications and interior operator consoles.

Avcon Modifications for Special Mission / ISR aircraft include:

  • Navigation Sight Fixtures
  • Structural Plugs
  • Scanner Provisions
  • Operator Work Stations/Custom Consoles
  • Systems Integration
  • Avionics Installation
  • Electrical Design
  • Special Mission Electrical Power
  • Equipment and Data Racks
  • Custom Cabin Layouts

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Avionics Modifications

Custom Avionics Installations

Avcon Industries offers custom avionics installations. Installations range from obsolescence solutions – replacements for unavailable or outdated parts and equipment – to customized configurations of state-of-the-art sensors and equipment for Special Mission Airplanes. Avcon is a recognized supplier of compliance solutions for regulatory requirements such as ADS-B and RVSM.

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Learjet ADS-B Installation Citation II ADS-B with Garmin GTN 750
Examples of avionics installations in a Learjet 60 (left) and Citation II (right).

Butler National Corporation and Butler Avionics

Avcon is a subsidiary of Butler National Corporation (BNC), headquartered in Olathe, Kansas. The Butler National subsidiary Butler Avionics, Inc., is a full-service avionics installation and repair facility located at the New Century Airport near Olathe, Kansas.

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