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Avcon Industries

Avcon, an aircraft modification facility, provides FAA-approved special mission (ISR), mapping, aerial photography, avionics and performance-enhancement modifications on various aircraft.

Call Avcon at +1 (316) 284-2842

Multi-Mission Pod

The Avcon Multi-Mission Modular POD provides approximately 40 Cubic Feet of customized space for sensors and equipment, with an option for a rail attachment system. Compatibility for retractable mechanisms is also available.

Call Avcon at +1 (316) 284-2842

Prototype Blister Pod extension for the Avcon Multi-Mission Pod. Available now.

FAA Approved Modifications

Avcon specializes in FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approved aircraft modifications. More than 260 STCs for Beechcraft, Cessna, Learjet, Bombardier, and Piper aircraft.

Call Avcon at +1 (316) 284-2842

Avcon CL-604 Challenger showing a dual-camera modification and underbelly radome.

Global Presence

Avcon Industries customers are worldwide in ISR, border protection, coastal patrol, oil-spill detection, and other special mission operations.

Call Avcon at +1 (316) 284-2842

King Air 350 demonstrating the Avcon Multi-Mission Pod with retractable EO/IR Sensor.

Proven Record

Over 40 years of excellence in aircraft modification design and installation.

Call Avcon at +1 (316) 284-2842

King Air outfitted with Avcon Multi-Mission Pod.
Reveal Background

Avcon Modifications


Special Mission

Avcon provides FAA-approved Special Mission Aircraft modifications for aerial mapping, ISR, border protection, oil spill detection and more. Visit web page.



Avcon performance-enhancing aircraft modifications include range extension, weight increases, stability enhancements, and noise compliance solutions.


Systems Integration

Avcon designs, obtains FAA approval of, and installs custom systems integrations for mapping, ISR, electronic warfare, ELINT, IMINT, SIGINT and Search and Rescue.


Custom Aircraft Mods

Avcon specializes in confidential custom airframe and system modifications for most any FAA-certified airplane. Call Avcon for a proposal.



Avcon and its affiliate Butler Avionics provide both custom and regulatory-driven FAA-approved avionics installations.



In addition to the cargo door for select King Airs, Avcon offers modifications to increase available storage space for passenger aircraft, and to completely convert Learjet and Falcon aircraft to freighter configurations.

About Avcon Industries

For over 40 years, Avcon has provided aircraft owners and operators with aircraft special mission, photography, Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR), mapping and utility enhancements for business jet and turboprop aircraft. Avcon Technical Services includes Project Management, Design, DER Engineering Support, Electronics Integration, PMA Parts Manufacturing, Airframe Modifications, Maintenance and Repairs, DER Flight Testing and STC Development.

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Custom Aircraft Modifications

Avcon Engineers and FAA DERs specialize in creating custom aircraft structural modifications and system integrations to almost any aircraft, with the commitment of safety, confidentiality and security. Avcon is a one-stop-shop for virtually any custom Special Mission Aircraft project or installation.

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Avcon STC List

Since inception, Avcon Industries has completed over 300 STC projects, including amendments. The Avcon STC List web page describes the Supplemental Type Certificate modifications.

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