Avcon modifies aircraft for Maritime Patrol, Search and Rescue, Spill Detection, and ISR Missions.


Avcon Maritime aircraft modifications install provisions for FLIR, LIDARS, Synthetic Aperture RADAR, and Hyperspectral modifications.

FLIR, LIDAR, Synthetic Aperture RADAR, and Hyperspectral Modifications

FLIR, LIDAR, SAR, and Hyperspectral modifications add fuselage Pods, hardpoints (wing and / or fuselage mounted), sensor ports, CLT, and drop hatches. Options for camera modifications include lens coatings, oversized ports (for large sensors or gyros), and drift sights.

Compatible Equipment

Avcon modifications support installation of digital cameras, EO / IR Sensors, LIDARs, SAR, SLAR, magnetometers, and more. Avcon provisions are also compatible with gyro mounts such as the Leica PAV100, T-AS Mount, and GSM 4000. Oversized Avcon ports are available for larger equipment.

Optical Glass & Lens Coatings

Avcon uses BK-7 Optical Glass or Fused Silica for camera, LIDAR, and Hyperspectral modifications. Lenses are available coated or uncoated.

Certain modifications allow removal of Optical Glass for unpressurized operations.

Sensor Protection

Avcon modifications include sensor cover doors to protect the camera port and defog systems to prevent sensor obstruction.

Cabin Pressurization

Avcon Camera Modifications are tested to maximum aircraft pressurization differentials.

Most Avcon aircraft modifications allow conversion to standard interior configurations with structural plugs or accessory kits (available for sale).

Custom Sensor Installation

Avcon installs provisions for sensors in the following configurations:

  • Inside Aircraft

  • Inside Avcon Pod

  • Below Wing (Hardpoints)

  • Fuselage Hardpoints

Magnetometer Installations

Avcon installs provisions for magnetometers. The magnetometer booms are installed on the tail cone of King Air airplanes. Magnetometers detect variations in magnetic fields useful for oil and mineral detection in addition to border protection and coastal patrol.

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